Dies and equipments for hot forging

Equipments for different materials

AS SALA STAMPI is leader in supplying equipments for hot forging for:

  • brass,
  • aluminium,
  • copper,
  • titanium,
  • steel,
  • others.

3D Design

AS SALA STAMPI can design and project all kind of equipments:

  • moulds for every kind of forging and press, with or without gutter
  • trimming dies for inner or outer profile
  • trimming dies for inner and outer profile together
  • broaching dies at multiple levels
  • clamping tools for machining

Cutting edge machines fleet

  • High level know-how and advanced machines fleet let AS SALA STAMPI to be one of the fastest supplier of equipments in hot forging industry also thanks to a big raw material warehouse and to a heat treatment internal department.
  • The customer can choose the steel and the heat treatment supplier, or can use who we suggest as leader.


For particularly complex pieces it is possible to simulate forging with dedicated software to prevent problems related to cracks and joints in the material.