Plastic injection Mould

stampi iniezione plasticaInjection molding of thermoplastics is the technology most widely used in plastic processing. Producing in a discontinuous manner, pieces of different shape and size and weight (from a few grams to several kgs).
The main advantages of this technology are:
the ability to produce parts with complex geometries;
high productivity;
low production costs;
high automation of processes;
the ability to produce very small pieces;
molds and presses can be used with various plastic materials;
the ability to print in coupling with metal inserts;
production of manufactured goods with different colors and materials.
The design and construction of injection molds must meet certain precautions.
Extremely important for the injection moulds are the injection system, the tolerances of construction, the conditioning circuit, the details of fingerprints and the injection point.
AS SALA STAMPI injection moulds are high-quality products that help to reduce costs and improve the technical qualities of the piece.

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